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Read about my passion for playing and constructing flamenco guitars.

My philosophy of guitar construction.

Gallery of guitars and memorabilia.

The Story of My 1915 Manuel Ramirez Restoration by David Macias.

"It's beautifull the guitars he makes.They have a very good tone and a clean sound."
-Juan Serrrano
World known flamenco artist
"The David Macias Flamenco Negra guitar that is inpired by the 1912 Manuel Ramirez design has such a wide variety of tone combined with unusually long sustain that it is not
only the finest flamenco guitar I have ever played, It sounds and plays even better than some of the finest classical guitars in the world. The action is the lowest I have ever seen that did not produce a single buzz anywhere on the guitar even playing 'ffff' passages. In addition the response to right hand attack is extremely fast and does not suffer at all from the lower action. Normally I would balance several positive statements with perhaps a negative one, I can not find anything in this instrument's disfavor. I tried this guitar up against the finest flamenco guitars in David Macias' collection and this
guitar blew them all away!

Dr.Corey Whitehead
Instructor of guitar studies CSU,Fresno
Fresno, California

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